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I Baptize with Water

When John the Baptist was preaching and baptizing, some wondered in their hearts if he might possibly be the Messiah. (Luke 3:15) The gospel of John described him as a witness to the light. (John 1:8) Since John was such an effective witness to the light (the coming Christ) he was mistaken for being Christ himself. It's interesting that even though the people did not see Jesus and his character yet, they saw something in John that resembled what they expected from the coming savior. John was a reflection of Christ before people knew who the real Christ was.

John was not interested in making a name for himself. When the priests and Levites asked "What do you say about yourself?" He said "I am the voice of one calling in the wilderness, Make straight the way for the Lord." (John 1:23) Like John, I want to be such an effective witness, that people would see Christ in me even if they do not have a prior model of what Christ's character looks like. In most instances where people are unable to articulate what sets us apart from the world, they usually say something like "There's something different about you, I want what you have.", the perfect opportunity to encourage them to know Jesus on a personal level. Stay encouraged y'all!


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