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Why I Like Social Media

"Show them your artwork, Moses!" I was ok with Mom saying it, but I also dreaded it. Only because I had to walk all the way to my portfolio case and bring out my 16x20 sketch pads. The friends of the family saw my work, offered encouraging feedback, and that was the end of it. I felt good about my developing skills without any thought of wishing my work had more exposure. This is probably because it was 1999, and my young mind couldn't imagine another way for others to see it. 25 years later, we have so many platforms to showcase our creativity, and yet many artists do not seem content.

Artists I know personally and whom I follow have described a sense of always feeling behind. An endless game of catchup, battling an ever-changing algorithm and being overshadowed by others. So I question: Is this what being an artist has become? Does the level of our content engagement determine the quality of our work? Better yet, do post insights now determine how artists should view their work? I certainly don't think so.

My love for art began long before social platforms took the world by storm. I love creating and the therapeutic sense of executing from inspiration. Growing up, I was never overly invested in what others would think of my finished pieces because I was more invested in how I viewed them myself. For this reason, I do not only create art for social media, nor do I upload everything I make. Unfortunately, a number of artists develop routines that make creating feel like a chore, and that isn't the way to protect passion.

With a small perspective shift, I believe artists can view social media as an opportunity. Had it not been for Instagram, I would not have connected with other artists I communicate with today. I would not have as many freelance opportunities as I get, and regardless of how the algorithm handles what I share, 50 to 100 people guaranteed to instantly see my work is a step up from showing a few friends my sketchbook. I like social media because I get to show others I love visual art. So in the words of my mother, I tell you, show them your artwork guys!

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